2019 Programme

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Club members exploring Coastal Rocks on Eyre Peninsula

Date Activity Topic/Theme Speaker/Leader
Thurs 7 Feb Meeting The evolution of whales Paul Curnow
Tues 26 Feb Full day excursion SA Water Desalination Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant at
Lonsdale and Christies Beach
Cynthia Pyle
Frances Williams
Thurs 7 Mar Meeting Ants, worms and termites: our subterranean earth movers Prof Martin Williams
Sat 16 and Sun 17 Mar Weekend excursion Surf and Turf: Coorong cruise and Victor Harbor geology Dianne Radomski
Mark Dale
Thurs 4 April Meeting Fossil forum University of Adelaide Palaeontologists
27 April – 4 May 8-day excursion The Bendigo region of central Victoria: golden history and geological highlights Cynthia Pyle, Steve Elsby
Ruth Robertson (advisor)
Thurs 9 May Meeting A geologist walks the Heysen Trail Prof Richard Hillis
Sun 26 May Full day excursion Marino Rocks: highlights of a world-renowned geological section Frances Williams, Cynthia Pyle, Steve Elsby
Thurs 6 June
7pm start
Ralph Tate Memorial Lecture How ancient fishes built the human body plan: exciting fossil discoveries from Australia and Antarctica Prof John Long
Sat 29/Sun30 June Weekend
Round the bend at Morgan: from an ancient seabed to the modern Murray River Steve Elsby, Mike Burrell
Thurs 4 July Meeting What is that mountain made of? Michael Vnuk
Sun 28 July Half-day excursion North Terrace Geological Trail Prof Barry Cooper
Thurs 1 Aug Brian Daily Memorial Lecture Wicked Witchelina and Hotspot Hiltaba: is it time for another UGG Boot in Australia? Prof Pat James
Sun 25 Aug  to Sun 1 Sept 
excluding travel time to Flinders
8 day excursion The Flinders Ranges:  mapping ,gorgeous geology, Acraman impacts,diapir disruptions, old mines and the Ediacran Peter Briggs, Kym Dixon, Ken and Betsy Hausner
Thurs 5 Sept Meeting A Karst of Thousands:  two weeks in southwest China Mark Dale
Sun 29 Sept Full day excursion Sediment transport by ice and water in the Sturt Gorge precinct Peter Briggs
Thurs 3 Oct Meeting Hot rocks, ice sheets and melted crust. The local and global impacts of Australia’s subterranean heat engine Assoc Prof Tom Raimondo
Sun 27 Oct Full day excursion Bush tucker walk in Hale’s Conservation Park, near Williamstown Malcolm Haines
Dianne Radomski
Thurs 7 Nov AGM and members' night
Fri 15 Nov Annual Dinner
Sat 30 Nov Picnic
  Meetings commence at 7.45 pm unless otherwise indicated. All except the June meeting will be preceded by a hands-on rock and mineral workshop, starting at 6.30 pm.
  *Check excursion dates carefully as not all excursions are held on the last Sunday of the month, and some may be on a weekday.