Current Programme

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Club members exploring Coastal Rocks on Eyre Peninsula

2020 Program
Date Activity Topic/Theme Speaker/Leader
Thurs 6 Feb Meeting Rocks from space Paul Curnow
Sun 23 Feb Half day excursion Robert Hooke – London’s Leonardo; at the Adelaide Planetarium Graeme Stanley
Thurs 5 Mar Meeting Making geological maps: a day in the life of a field geologist Stacey Curtis
Sun 29 March Excursion Williamstown Quarry: not just kaolinite Bob Major
Thurs 2 April Meeting Using minerals to decode ancient tectonics. A forum presented by University of Adelaide PhD students Renée Tamblyn, Mitchell Bockmann, Dillon Brown
Sat 25 - Mon 27 April Long weekend excursion Naracoorte fossils, geology and palaeohydrology – above and below Ian Lewis, Dr Liz Reed, Uni. of Adelaide students
Thurs 7 May Meeting Rocks around the clock: how do we find the age of rocks? Prof. Karin Barovich
Sun 31 May Excursion Gun Emplacement and Ambers Gully: fossil remnant of an ancient landscape and a fossil waterfall Cynthia Pyle, Steve Elsby, Laurence Campbell, Frances Williams
Thurs 4 June Meeting Restoring the reefs we never knew we lost Dr. Dominic McAffee
Sat 27 - Sun 28 June Weekend excursion Murray, Mannum, Miocene, Monostychia and more Mike Burrell
Thurs 2 July 6.30 pm start Ralph Tate Memorial Lecture Into the volcano: from source to surface and beyond Assoc. Prof. Heather Handley
Sun 26 July Half- day workshop Indoor geology: a variety of activities in the laboratory Cynthia Pyle
Thurs 6 Aug Brian Daily Memorial lecture Which way up? Bob Major
Sat 22 Aug - Sat 29 Aug Long excursion Witchelina and the Willouran: distant outliers of the Flinders Adjunct Prof. Pat James, Richard Williams, Mark Dale
Thurs 3 Sept Meeting When the Sahara was green (* UPDATED FROM PREVIOUS) Emeritus Prof. Martin Williams
Sun 27 Sept Excursion Glacial Grooves in Permian Pavements Mark Dale
Thurs 1 Oct Meeting What is a diapir? Examples from the Flinders Ranges Dr. Nick Lemon
Sun 25 Oct Excursion Maslin Beach and Sellicks Hill FGC consortium
Thurs 5 Nov AGM and members’ night
Fri 13 Nov Annual Dinner
Sat 28 Nov Picnic

Meetings commence at 7.45 pm unless otherwise indicated. All except the July meeting will be preceded by a hands-on rock and mineral workshop, starting at 6.30 pm.

* Check excursion dates carefully as not all excursions are held on the last Sunday of the month, and some may be on a weekday.