Welcome to our Forthcoming Lectures and Workshops

Lectures are held in the Mawson Lecture Theatre, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Adelaide   Click here for map

Upcoming Lecture

The Field Geology Club of South Australia presents:
Equatorial Glaciers and Asteroidal Impact at the Dawn of Animal Life   
Thursday September 3rd
7:45 pm
Mawson Lecture Theatre
Earth Sciences 
University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Victor Gostin
Earth Sciences,
University of Adelaide
The Acraman impact is the world’s first recorded asteroid impact linked to its widespread ejecta. It left a record of unique chemical, biochemical and fossil evidence of its effects on Earth’s environment and the evolution of life.

This impact of a 5km wide asteroid into a frozen landscape, 580 million years ago created an extremely hot blast of air carrying shattered rock fragments, fractured sand and glassy spherules that were deposited as they interacted with the enormous tsunami created by the super-earthquake. The full story is illustrated in a large poster in the Tate Museum, Mawson Laboratories.
Associate Professor Vic Gostin is an Honorary Visiting Fellow, University of Adelaide and was awarded the 2011 Bruce Webb Medal for his major contributions to Earth Sciences education and various aspects of geology, including environmental geology, marine geology, planetology and sedimentology over the last forty years.          

He had an asteroid named after him [Asteroid 3640 Gostin] in recognition of his discovery of the widespread debris as a result of Australia’s largest asteroid impact at Acraman in the Gawler Ranges, South Australia.

Meeting Arrangements
The Field Geology Club is very pleased to announce that we will be resuming our regular live meetings in the Mawson Lecture Theatre (hopefully zoomed as well – the link will be circulated prior to the meeting) – with the proviso that if, there’s another Covid -19 outbreak before this time it will have to revert to zoom only. We will be strictly adhering to a COVID-SAFE plan formulated by SA Health. This will involve social distancing, hand sanitization and keeping a record, with contact details, of everyone who attends the meeting. You will need to provide these details before entering the lecture theatre. There will also be a few other guidelines so please follow all directions which will be posted at the meeting.

Due to the restrictions it will be a slightly curtailed meeting – there will be no pre-lecture tutorial or ten-minute talk. However, there will be a raffle, and simple refreshments (cold drinks and individually wrapped timtams) served in the Tate Museum following the meeting.

Members and visitors are warmly invited to attend. We are obliged for security reasons to keep the front door of the building locked. Ring the FGC doorbell for admittance. Everyone is invited to refreshments following the lecture. You are strongly advised to check our website before attending the lecture to see if there has been any change in plan. If we have to revert to zoom, we don't want people turning up to the lecture theatre. For further updates and information visit: www.fieldgeologyclubsa.org.au
* Note that visitors who wish to attend via Zoom must apply for the link by contacting frances.williams@adelaide.edu.au
You will need a computer, laptop or tablet with audio and video facility. Zoom will also work on a mobile phone although the picture will be very small. You will need to download and install the Zoom app by going to zoom.us and following the instructions (very easy!).

You will receive an invitation prior to the meeting. This will give a link to the meeting. All you need to do is click on the link to join the meeting. It is good to do this about five minutes before the meeting is due to start, in order to check that your audio is turned on and working. If you would like people to see you (and we would love to see you!) you can turn on your video also.

On your screen you will be able to see and hear whoever is speaking at the time, and the Powerpoint presentation when it commences. During the presentations the audience will be muted, but at the end there will be an opportunity for questions. Questions should be posed by means of “Chat” – a feature which you will see at the bottom of your ZOOM screen. Type in your question which will be put to the presenter when the time comes. At the same time you will be un-muted in case you want to follow up the question.

The meeting will be recorded: a link to the recording will be posted in the members’ section of the website (under MINUTES and other resources) following the meeting.

Upcoming Workshop

Cynthia Pyle will be running her popular Geological Workshop in the Sprigg room upstairs prior, to the lecture – details following. 

10 Minute Topic

There will not be a 10-minute talk in September