Welcome to our Forthcoming Lectures and Workshops

Lectures are held in the Mawson Lecture Theatre, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Adelaide   Click here for map

Upcoming Lecture

The Field Geology Club of South Australia presents:
AGM and Members' night  
Thursday November 5th
7:45 pm
Mawson Lecture Theatre
Earth Sciences 
University of Adelaide
Meeting Arrangements

This meeting provides an opportunity to get essential Club business out of the way very quickly, and then enjoy the company of fellow members in a reminiscence of the past year, entertainment, feasting and fun. The evening will consist of three parts:
To present the October minutes and Treasurer’s report.
Brief reports for the year 2020 will be presented by the President and Treasurer. All
committee positions will then be declared vacant and elections held for Officers and
Committee for 202)
NOTE: Our election procedure runs very smoothly, and no-one will be pressured into joining the committee. However, we warmly welcome new members.
For information about this, and any other of the committee positions, please contact Dianne (details on back of this Bulletin).
All of the above business should be out of the way quickly and we can then relax and enjoy our………………..
The programme will include:
·    A geological quiz, presented by Mike Burrell.
·    A photographic retrospective of the year’s events, presented by Mark Dale.
·    Christmas raffle: great prizes, only 50c a ticket
·    And last but not least:
 The Field Geology Club will naturally be following the COVID -19 Safe Plan and as a result, all refreshments shall be supplied by the Club.

The meeting will be held in the Mawson Lecture Theatre, Mawson Laboratories, corner of Victoria Drive and Frome Road, University of Adelaide.
If you wish to attend it is essential to register by contacting Frances Williams (frances.williams@adelaide.edu.au )
We are obliged for security reasons to keep the front door of the building locked. Ring the FGC doorbell for admittance. You are strongly advised to check our website before attending the meeting to see if there has been any change in plan. 

Upcoming Workshop

Cynthia Pyle will be running her popular Geological Workshop prior to the AGM. The topic of the workshop will be:
Some Features of Crystals
The workshop will start at 6.30 pm, but people are welcome to come in later, as everyone works independently or with a friend. The workshop will be held in the Sprigg Room. Go past the Tate Museum and take the next staircase on the right. The Sprigg Room is right at the top of the stairs. Anyone who arrives after 6.30pm and can't get into the building can ring the FGC bell if it is in place.

10 Minute Topic

There will not be a 10-minute talk in November