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Lectures are held in the Mawson Lecture Theatre, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Adelaide   Click here for map

Upcoming Lecture

The Field Geology Club of South Australia presents:
We shouldn’t be here: A cosmological and geological look at how lucky we are.

Thursday March 7th 2024 at 7 pm
by Rob Kirk

This talk will touch upon the incredible flukes that enabled us to exist today. We will journey from the Big Bang through the Milky Way and Solar System, looking at how the Moon formed, and the first land, and life, and our narrow escape with the Dinosaur event and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, and finally the arrival of hominids. Replay the story and we wouldn’t be here!
Rob Kirk has been a geologist for 46 years and lives at Yankalilla. He and his geologist wife Margy have lived in WA, Tasmania, Victoria, California, and London. Rob writes a regular geological column in the Yankalilla Regional News and is currently writing a book on the Fleurieu Peninsula’s geology.

Members and visitors are welcome to attend. No booking requirement. University policy is to close doors at 7.00 pm, so be sure to arrive punctually! The door will however be checked briefly for late arrivals immediately before the main lecture starts (around 7.10 to 7.15 pm). The FGC doorbell will no longer be available. Refreshments will be served in the tea room following the meeting.

Please be warned that there is no wheelchair access to the lecture theatre.

Upcoming Workshop

Watch this space for the next workshop in 2024

10 Minute Topic

Laurence Campbell will give a 10-minute talk on "Some glacial features in western Tasmania".