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Date:Friday 15th November 2019 at 7pm.

Buckingham Arms Hotel, Wayville Terrace, Wayville

Dianne Radomski  di_radomski@yahoo.com.au


The Annual Dinner will be held at the Buckingham Arms Hotel.  

Their amazing buffet dinner will be available at the same price as last year: $29 per person.  Please let the club know beforehand by either signing up at the November meeting (the AGM) on the sheet provided or contacting the Secretary, Dianne Radomski at di_radomski@yahoo.com.au

FGCSA ANNUAL PICNIC Date: Saturday 30th November from 12 noon

Following tradition, this will be held in Hazelwood Park, off Greenhill Rd just short of Glynburn Rd (M15 on Gregorys Map119).  Cars may be parked either on the northern side of the Park off Davenport Terrace or on the southern side, off Oliveand Hawthorn Groves (then across a footbridge into the park).  It is easy to spot us - we will be under the olive trees, just south of the toilets. 
Bring to share, a bowl of salad, a dessert or cake.  Bring drinks and nibbles. Bring folding chairs and a table.  Do remember to bring your own plate and eating utensils.  This year also bring a bowl for icecream as you will get a scoop not a dixie cup.
Children and dogs are welcome.

PROVIDED FREE will be one quarter roast chicken per person and icecream.

So that we can cater for numbers YOU MUST SIGN UP for the picnic on the list at the November meeting OR contact the Steve Elsbyby email at 




Forthcoming excursions:  Expressions of interest requested for 2020 Long Excursion
THE WAY TO WITCHELINA -Northern outlier to the Flinders Ranges

We are planning next year’s long excursion and need your expressions of interest now.
Professor Pat James has offered to show and explain the extraordinary geological features of Witchelina Station.  Witchelina is a former pastoral station north west of Leigh Creek in the arid country west of the northern Flinders.  As a result, the geology is laid bare.  Pat showed us some of the features in a recent talk to the Club when we saw the swirling bands of sediments older than the formations in the Flinders and the extraordinary straight, parallel bands of stromatolites stretching for kilometres.  If you go on this excursion you will see hillocks of white quartz where the outcrops have shattered and resemble miniature snow capped peaks.  You will see iron concretions that look like cast iron cauldrons.
Witchelina is further away than the Flinders.  We expect the logistics to be similar to the arrangements for the recent Flinders excursion with a small bus hired for those needing transport to Witchelina and four wheel drives for travel within Witchelina.
Witchelina is now owned by the Nature Foundation SA. This is a very go ahead South Australian not-for-profit organisation run with significant input from volunteers. They manage properties of which Witchelina is one of two very large former sheep stations that they are returning to a natural environment.  We will have exclusive use of their accommodation and campground facilities and they can cater for us at very reasonable cost.
The trip would be at the end of August 2020 (22nd-30th).  As usual it would be a week-long excursion including the two weekends each end totalling 8 nights away.  We envisage stopping part way for two nights at a location on our way to Witchelina, four nights at Witchelina itself and doing a similar two night stop at a different location on the return home trip.
This is going to be a complex trip to manage.  We need plenty of advance information on numbers, for preliminary booking of accommodation and for vehicle availability.  We may have to hire 4-wheel drives.  (You can drive into Witchelina in a 2WD vehicle towing a caravan).
We are not looking for a firm commitment at this stage but if you would like to be part of next year’s long excursion, please could you tell us by the end of this October. 
Richard Williams is a member of Nature Foundation SA and has volunteered to take on the major role of organising the logistics of this excursion. He wants to know the answers to the following questions:
Do you have your own transport or do you require a seat on a bus?
Will you bring a 4-wheel drive and does it have spare seat capacity for trips within Witchelina and the two night stops?
Do you require accommodation (mostly shearer quarters, plus overseer’s house at Witchelina.  Caravan Parks for the other nights.) or will you be camping/caravanning?
There will be a form at the October Club meeting where you can reply to these questions or you can email Richard Williams at: 


He can also be contacted at 0428 885 57