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Pt Gawler & St Kilda: The geological and biological environment of

Leaders: A/Prof. Vic Gostin and Dr Alice Jones
Contact: Kym Dixon  Email: kymdixon1@bigpond.com


Meet: 10:00 am in the car park at Port Gawler. Coordinates are - 34.67007527470651, 138.44355936743088. Allow about 50 minutes for the 45 km trip if leaving from Adelaide CBD. Other relevant distances are: Gepps Cross to the Pt Gawler turn off (clearly signposted on the highway) is about is 27 km. After the turn off, the car park is 9.5 km (take left fork after 6 km –yellow circle)

Would you like to impress your friends by understanding such words like: ‘pneumatophores’, ‘samphire’, ‘foraminifera’ and to realise why the sand below the surface smells like rotten eggs? This is your chance to observe the fascinating world of mangroves. The 2 areas visited will show that it is more than just trees sitting in sea water.

Dr. Vic Gostin (Associate Professor at Adelaide Uni) and Dr. Alice Jones (Ecologist at Adelaide Uni) both had extensive experience in their respective fields as applied to these localities.

Port Gawler is a unique locality with active sedimentation and clearly showing the progression of sedimentary environments. Also, it has a dynamic and changing ecosystem.

This excursion is a great opportunity to have the role of mangroves explained to us by 2 experts in their field. Vic has extensive knowledge of the sedimentary processes that occur in this coastal environment. Alice has expertise in the ecological side of this environment. Together, they will demonstrate the importance of this location for trapping sediment, reducing the severity of storm waves, a nursery for fish stocks, establishing sea grass meadows and supporting a rich diversity of animal life.

We visit Pt Gawler first where we will have the opportunity to walk towards the shoreline, observing the progression of distinct sedimentary environments. This walk will involve walking through shallow water and therefore you will need appropriate footwear. Bare feet and thongs are not recommended. Waterproof sandals or old sneakers are a better option.

From here, we will travel to St. Kilda where we have a lunch stop. After, the boardwalk will allow us to get a close-up view of the mangroves. We will observe the worrying die-back of mangroves and discuss possible causes and solutions.

To bring:
· Given the day could be warm and out in the sun – please dress accordingly
· Sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, personal first aid kit & any medication
· A change of footwear as described above
· Your lunch, including plenty of water

Please sign the form at the February meeting if you wish to attend. Alternatively, contact Frances Williams or myself. Your name, email address and phone (mobile) contact will be required. I will email participants a set of background notes, plus I will have a few spare hardcopies on the day.