Current Committee Members

From left to right: (top) Frances Williams, Bob Whatmough, Elizabeth Lonie, David Grybowski, Bob Major and Barbara Levings (bottom) Mandy Bluett, Gary Tretheway, Mike Burrell, Richard Williams and Laurence Campbell.

Position Name
President Frances Williams
Minutes Secretary
Mike Burrell
Treasurer Elizabeth Lonie
Supper Convenor
Barbara Levings
Editor Bob Whatmough
Webmaster Laurence Campbell
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Treasurer
Mandy Bluett
General committee member David Grybowski
Equipment Officer
Garry Tretheway
General committee member Richard Williams
Patron Bob Major
Non-committee positions  
Public Officer Steve Elsby
Rock and Mineral Workshop Cynthia Pyle
Raffle Convenors

Rod Lenaine-Smith
Wendy Dowling
Ray Emmerson
10-minute talk Coordinator Mark Dale
Print and distribute bulletin Diane Elsby
Programme coordinator Kym Dixon