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Old and new rocks in Ambers Gully
Date: 28/6/20

Ambers Gully cuts into the rocks of the Athelstone Thrust, a ductile structure formed 500 million years ago. At a sandstone cliff there is a relatively very recent tufa deposit which includes a "stone waterfall" and a cave, with many plant fossils. Subject to COVID-19 precautions, we intend to observe both the old and new deposits. A particular aim is to deduce how the recent calcareous deposit has been formed.

When the Sahara was green
Date: 2/7/20

     Emeritus Professor Martin Williams will seek to answer the questions: When and why was the Sahara once able to support such an abundance of life? When and why did it become dry? Did humans cause the Sahara to become a desert?

     Attendance will be via ZOOM - Instructions under “MORE INFO”.