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Old Noarlunga, Moana and the elusive Clarendon-Ochre Cove Fault
Sunday March 24th 2024

This excursion will involve two leisurely and scenic strolls: along the bank of the Onkaparinga River at Old Noarlunga to examine rocks exposed in the river bank, and at Moana Beach to examine those exposed along the foreshore and in the cliffs. The object is locate the Clarendon – Ochre Cove Fault and will include some hands-on mapping. It will be suitable for everyone: a great introduction to geology for beginners and a challenge for the more experienced.

We shouldn’t be here: A cosmological and geological look at how lucky we are.

Thursday 7th March  2024     Time: 7:00 pm.

This talk will touch upon the incredible flukes that enabled us to exist today. We will journey from the Big Bang through the Milky Way and Solar System, looking at how the Moon formed, and the first land, and life, and our narrow escape with the Dinosaur event and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, and finally the arrival of hominids. Replay the story and we wouldn’t be here!
(Note: This is a change to the program.)