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Half-day excursion: "Indoor Geological Activities"

10 a.m. to 12 noon in the Sprigg room.
We have four new and exciting activities for you to enjoy:
Fossils – moulds and casts.
The ‘magic’ that microscopic examination of rocks and sediments can reveal.
A look at pressure, temperature, metamorphic rocks and minerals.
Folds, faults and weathering.

Snowball Earth - glaciation at Bimbowrie 

Date: 5/8/21
Glacial conditions were such during Sturtian geological times that they gave rise to the concept of 'Snowball Earth', a period of successive worldwide freezing. The Bimbowrie Conservation Reserve preserves an ancient rift valley of Sturtian age, which is filled with glacially derived debris. Included are great blocks of granite called megaclasts, and there are at least ten exposed greater in size than 100 m.