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Past Club Activities

Only summaries of some of our excursion activities will be posted to the website. You will have to consult the Bulletin for the detailed geological information. At least here we can have a few colour photos! This year's activities will be reported as they occur.

Sunday 25th March 2012
Leader Dr Brian McGowran

The first stop was at a road cutting near Chapel Hill Winery, which showed deeply weathered Neoproterozoic/ Eocene contact - with an unconformity of some 700 my!

Down to Maslin Beach, with its stunning views to Blanche Point, and clearly defined sedimentary strata of South Maslin Sands, Tortachilla Limestone and Blanche Point Formation rocks with profuse examples of marine fossils. The reasons for variety and density were explained by Brian.

We walked on to Perkana Point, then Chinaman Gully and finally the old Port Willunga Jetty, with further discussion and fossicking, to meet the bus at the Star of Greece Cafe.

Roadside cutting, Eocene (40my) above Precambrian (700my) rocks Clambering over beach rocks, Blanche Point

Gastropod cast, Tortachilla Limestone Platform of Tortachilla Limestone beneath Blanche Point


Excursion to Victor Harbour:

Granite shores, garnet sands & glacial landscapes
Sunday 27th October 2013:
Excursion Leaders: Mark Dale & Andrew Jeffrey

Starting at Rosetta Head, we examined the Kanmantoo sediments with its load casts, and the contact between Kanmantoo Phyllite and granite. Wandering past Petrel Cove, we encountered some granite erratics and quartz veins lining through the rocky outcrops of Kanmantoo Schists.

After lunch took us to Port Elliot with a contact between pink and grey granites, aplites intruding granite cliffs, and patches of pink garnet rich sands.

Andrew pointing to Kanmantoo sediments
Petrel Cove - quartz veins in Kanmantoo Schist
Aplite dyke in granite
Small xenolith in granite pebble

Photos by Bill Kelly



Excursion - Boat trip around the Coorong
Sunday 26th My 2013   
Excursion Leader: Bob Major

After meeting at the Goolwa Wharf, we took a trip on Jack Miller's boat 'Spirit of the Coorong', visiting the Murray Mouth, Barker's Knoll, and the NW tip of the Younghusband Peninsular. We saw emus, pelicans, NZ fur seals, and walked through the dunes to the beach on the ocean side.
A very pleasant, informative and relaxing day.



NW tip of Younghusband Peninsular - stretching legs Dune build up, collapse and wind turbulence
Walking through sand ridges to Southern Ocean Pelicans crowd at the point



Long Excursion to Murray Basin - Morgan, Loxton, Renmark, Berri, Waikerie, Blanchetown.
Saturday 20 April 2013 to Tuesday 23 April 
Excursion Leaders: Bob Major and Roma Schneider

The 4 day trip included the old river port of Morgan with its cliffs revealing fossil whalebones, road cuttings with fossil oyster beds, the Santos Quarry with its clear sequences of Loxton Sands, nature trails and river crossings by ferry. All with excellent notes and commentary on the sea level flooding of the Basin which left the evidence of so many marine fossils. Accommodation was at the recently refurbished Loxton Community Hotel.

Fossil whale vertebrae in cliffs at Morgan

Santos Quarry near Berri


Bungunnia Cutting  
Broken Cliffs Bungunnia Cutting


Excursion to Cape Jervis and Glacier Rock;
Sunday 24th June 2012 
Excursion Leaders: Bob Major 7 Roma Schneider

This excursion examined outcrops of Permian glacial sediments (about 280 - 270 million years) at Glacier Rock in Inman Valley, and on the beach north of Cape Jervis

Glacier showing striations from glacial action, and granite erratic on the right   View from bus to Cape Jervis & Kangaroo Island


Trilobite on display at Cape Jervis Ferry Terminal Quartzite erratic on beach north of Cape Jervis    


Photos by Bill Kelly


Excursion to Andamooka and Roxby Downs
11th to 14th April 2012
Excursion Leader: Bob Major

This 4 day excursion included a visit to Olympic Dam mine at Roxby Downs, a visit to the noted fossil collection of Tom and Sharon Hurley at Andamooka, the Opal Showroom at Andamooka, and a visit to Stefan Bilka's opal mine

Entrance to Stefan's Opal Mine at Andamooka
A Kronosaurus fossil - Hurley collection

Stefan pointing to opal layer

Section of core farm at Olympic Dam

Excursion to Truro region
Sunday 26th August 2012
Excursion Leaders Steve Elsby, Frances Williams and Cynthia Pyle

A full day's excursion to Truro, a walk along the Lavender Trail to a beautiful gorge, a visit to the old Wheal Barton Copper Mine, and examination of road cuttings in the area.

Full excursion notes were provided, explaining the geological history of the Pre Cambrian and Kanmantoo sediments, metamorphised rocks, volcanic diatremes, and tillites left by the Sturtian Ice Age.


Middle Hut Creek & Truro Gorge
Wheal Barton Copper Mine
Examining roadside cutting
Appila Tillite at roadside cutting